Kleen-N-Kleen “The Citrus Cleaner”


Kleen-N-Kleen is a super concentrated multipurpose cleaner that’s guaranteed to clean even the toughest jobs when used as directed. Dirt and Grime disappear quickly and easily from all types of surfaces. Simply use right out the bottle for those extra toughs jobs or dilute as directed. Dilutions can be measured in ounces, cups and gallons.   A general household cleaning measurements would be 20-1. This constitutes twenty (20) ounces of water to one (1) ounces of cleaner. Throughout your instruction you will notice the following terms: scrounges, nylon and wire brushes. These are cleaning aids to assist you with your cleaning. We recommend 3-M scotch brite scrounges. Note: the white is non- abrasive pad which is to be used on delicate items or material and the green is abrasive its primary use is for stubborn stains.

Product Description and Application

Kleen-N-Kleen technology surpasses and replaces all other cleaners, it also complete the job other cleaners only start. Kleen-N-Kleen’s versatility makes the needs for any other powders, liquids, or sprays obsolete. It can be used in varying strengths for literally hundreds of different applications.

20-1 Dilution

For all your 20-1 Dilution is a spray and wipe off cleaner do not use in direct sunlight nor allow product to sit on any surface long period of time. Window Cleaner: Spray and Wipe off do not allow cleaner to run down window it will cause streaks. Note: To remove the streaks clean with water. Spot Cleaning instruction: Carpet and Furniture always test a small inconspicuous spot. Carpet and Furniture spot cleaning: spray on Kleen-N-Kleen and let stand for 30 second use spray bottle nozzle to agitate stain. Rinse with clean water and wipe dry with a towel. Ink marks: For fresh in spots clothing place a towel underneath the spot and use the nozzle of the sprayer, rub in a circular motion. Old Stains: spray area and let stand for five minutes, then add to regular wash load. Gum, Glue, Candle Wax: Use a pin or needle punch a hole in gum, glue, or candle wax and spray. Let stand 60 seconds and rub away the residue using nylon brush. Mildew, Screens and Bricks:  Use Nylon brush and spray and let scrub area to be clean and rinse with water. Paint Wash Surfaces: of Kleen-N-Kleen makes an excellent bonder can also be used a paint thinner (see below)

15–1Dilution Stubborn Stains

Furniture: for stubborn stain always test a small area for colorfast and or bleeding. Spray on and let stand for 3-5 minutes use a nylon brush to assist you rub in circular motion. Rinse and wipe dry with a towel. Pet Stains: use a nylon brush rub in circular motion, for tuff stains let stand 2 to 3 minutes, rinse and wipe dry.

10-1 Dilution

Shower Stalls/Algae: spray the area to be clean and allow 1 to 2 minutes for heavy buildup before wiping. Clean using an abrasive scrounge pad and rinse. Kleen-N-Kleen can be used to thin paint by adding 10–1 dilution per gallon. Liquor, Soda, Coffee, Food and Grass Stains: presoak and let stand for 60 second rinse and wipe clean.


7-1 Dilution- Automobile   NEVER use in direct sunlight and NEVER let Kleen-N-Kleen stand for a long period.                 

 Tires, Fiberglass, and Exterior: Spray on car and wipe clean with cloth towel. Oxidation: use same dilution with non-abrasive scrounges rinse and buff dry. Vinyl/Leather Interiors, Cloth/Velveteen Interior, Auto Chrome and White Walls: use a 20-1 Dilution. Tires, Fiberglass, and Exterior: Spray on car and wipe clean with cloth towel. Oxidation: use same dilution with non-abrasive scrounges rinse and buff dry.

For Best Cleaning Result use “Terry Cloth Towel”