About Us

The owner of Kleen-N-Kleen is a god fearing women, who is no stranger to door to door sells. Having started out in door to door sells she decided to go at it alone. After working for several different companies she created Kleen-N-Kleen Products on the clear principal that “Cleanliness is close to Godliness.

Kleen-N-Kleen is dedicated to become one of the top sells company in the industry. We market, sells and distribute a highly concentrated non- toxic, biodegradable, phosphate free cleaner. That has been purchased by millions of customers at their front door or business over the last decade.

Kleen-N-Kleen, travels the United States hiring young men and women who are looking to make a positive change in their lives. We equipped them with a basic sell talk to help ensure that they deliver the best customer service at the door to make “You” the customer happy.

We are also committed to provide you the consumer with an excellence product we stand behind the product we sell. Our team works hard to ensure we are meeting all the customer needs and concerns when they purchase a multi-purpose cleaner.

From the team of Kleen-N-Kleen our product is so good we named it “Twice”.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Cleaning and lets shop!!!!!!