Material Safety Data Sheet

This form complies with OSHA'S Hazard  Communication Standard 29 CR 1910,1200.

Product Name: Kleen-N-Kleen                                                                                            Product#L1088

Manufacture: Joy Detergent Mfg                                                                                         Date: 10/10/2009

3217 Stuart Dr                                                                                                                      Prepared By: Dick Michener

Ft. Worth, TX 76110                                                                                                            Phone: 800-653-8748   DOT Emergency: 800-653-8748

Section 1                Origin     Domestic

                               HMIS Code          Health-                                                  1 Flammability - 0               Reactivity - 0


Section  2              Hazardous  Ingredients /Identity Information

                              NAME:                                                                                 CAS#               %                  TLV units


Section 3             Physical/Chemical Characteristics

                            Boiling Point: 212                                                               Specific Gravity:   1033

                            Vapor Pressure: Not determined                                           Evaluation Rate: Not determined

                                  Solubility in Water: Complete                                                                Water Reactivity: NONE

                                 Vapor Density: 3.1               

                                 Appearance and odor: Clear yellow  - Amine Odor


Section 4            Fire and Explosion Hazard Data

                           Flash Point               Method Used

                           This product w closed cup

                           Extinguishing media:   Dry Chemical;l, water fog, foam. DO NOT USE WATER JET

                           Special fire fighting procedures:     Fire fighters should wear self-contained positive pressure breathing apparatus. Avoid skin contact

                           Unusual fire and / or explosion hazards:     Containers exposed to intense heat from fires shoube be cooled with water to prevent vapor

                           building which could result in container rupture.


Section 5            Reactivity Data

                           Stability = Stable                                    Hazardous Polymerization = Will not occur


                           Condition to avoid: NONE

                           Incompatibility:   Oxidizing agents and strong Acids

                           Hazardous Decomposition Products: NONE


Section 6            Health Hazard Data

                           Routes of entry:             Skin                x                ingestion

                                                                  Eye                 x                inhalation

Acute effects:

Skin                    Possible irritant

Eye                     Very hazardous. Will burn and cause tearing. If left unattended, may cause eye damage.

Ingestion            Will irritate gastrointestinal tract

Inhalation           Not generally affected

Chronic effects:                        Possible eye damage.

First Aid Procedure:

Skin                    Flush with water

Eye                     Flush with lots water for at least 15 minutes. See a doctor

Ingestion            Do not induce vomiting. Give several glasses of water to dilute product.  See a doctor

Inhalation           Remove to fresh air


Section 6            Precautions for Safe Handling

                           Spill or Leak Procedures:

                           Dilute material to inhibit ignition.  Use non-sparking equipment to transfer material

                           Keep spectators away. Floor may be slippery. Use care to avoid falling.

                           Dike with inner material (sand, earth) to contain spills.  Transfer material to container for disposal.

                           Land fill the solids and the contaminated diking material according to local, state, and federal regulations.

                Special Protection Information:

                Rubber or vinyl gloves recommended. Face shield recommended.  Protective clothing recommended.


This data is presented in good faith and is based on information believed to be reliable and is offered solely for evaluation, investigation,

and verification of the numerous factors affecting results.  Joy Detergent products are sold with the understanding that purchase will make

their own tests to determine the suitability of these products for their own particular use.  Warranted as to accuracy or results is neither given

or implied.  Joy Detergent assumes no liability or responsibility for any damage to person or properly resulting from or incident to the use these

products. Statements concerning the use of Joy Detergent products, are not to be constructed as recommendations, suggestions, or inducements

to use them in the infringement of any patent or in violation of any applicable laws or regulation. No liability arising our any such use is assumed.