KLEEN-N-KLEEN PRODUCTS have been serving residential and business customer

with concentrated multi-purpose Kleen-n-Kleen.

This non toxic, biodegradable, super natural concentrate multi-purpose cleaner,

 can handle all your cleaning needs. When you purchase Kleen-n-Kleen, you get a excellent product,

 at an affordable price, knowledgeable, friendly

 and live customer services. Just call us at 850-586-0560. Happy Cleaning.

 Kleen-N-Kleen contains no harsh chemicals such as solvents, alkalies, inorganic builders or fillers,

heavy metals, ozone depleting chemicals or volatile organic compounds. Kleen-N-Kleen is a completely

organic chemical using only the highest grade of raw materials available.

Kleen-N-Kleen contains a unique synergistic blend of hyper-wetting agents, humectants,

dispersants, grease cutting chemicals with the mildness of hair shampoo.

Kleen-N- Kleen has been tested by the United States Testing Laboratory to be one of the best cleaners

in the USA. Rigid testing was conducted in eleven categories, including ceramic and vinyl tile,

semi-gloss enamel, formica counters,

stainless steel, mold and mildew, and all areas of rest rooms and greased-soiled surfaces.

Kleen-N-Kleen scored 96% in overall effectiveness, far out performing the most popular name brand cleaners

 which only scored 86%.

                                                                      CLEANING AIDS 

The green scrunge is an abrasive pad for stubborn stains or heavy buildup on not-so-fragile material or surfaces.

The white scrunges are non abrasive pads, which are used on delicate items or materials.

Nylon brushes are soft -bristled brushes for minor stains and hard-to-reach areas. A wire brush

 is a steel abrasive-type for cleaning heavy buildups and stains on hard surfaces such as concreate, asphalt, etc. 

 always use with extreme caution, when using Kleen-n-Kleen on delicate fabrics such as upholstery, carpet,

silk, or leather, always test an unnoticeable area for color-fastness and bleeding.